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Low GWP Refrigerant Safety: Flammable and Mildly Flammable (A2L) Refrigerants

As the HVACR industry continues to move forward and innovate, the refrigerants that were once so commonplace are now being phased out. Replacing them are more energy efficient, environmentally friendlier refrigerants, known as Low GWP refrigerants. Many of these new refrigerants are classified by ASHRAE as A2L, or slightly flammable. The industry is also seeing expanded use of some hydrocarbon (A3) refrigerants, such as propane and isobutane. Students and technicians will require additional training for the safe handling and transportation of these refrigerants.

Individuals completing this course will be prepared for ESCO Institute's Low GWP Refrigerant Safety Certification exam.

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What You Will Learn

This course provides students and practicing technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to safely work with mildly flammable refrigerants.

  • Refrigerant safety

  • Introduction to Low GWP refrigerants

  • Refrigerant properties and characteristics

  • The refrigeration cycles

  • Working with refrigerant blends

  • Proper installation and service guidelines

  • Flammable refrigerant considerations

  • Explanation of the associated codes and standards for A2L refrigerants

Who This Course Is For

This course will benefit technicians at all levels of their career; students, apprentices and practicing technicians who work with refrigerants. 


About the Instructor

photo of Gary DuCharme, owner of DuCharme HVAC Training and HVAC-R instructor

Gary DuCharme has been a proctor for the Esco Institute for the past 20 years and has been administering this course and many other Esco courses since the beginning of the Clean Air Act in 1980.

"I have seen the many changes over the years and keep up to date with the very latest developments."
- Gary DuCharme


Included with the A2L Refrigerant Safety Course

  • 120 Day Access on all devices 24/7

  • Low GWP Refrigerant Safety Certification Exam and Certificate included at the end of this class

  • Introduction video by Gary DuCharme

  • The latest updates on the timeline for introducing A2L Refrigerants

  • Notification and access to pertinent information and videos hand-picked by Gary DuCharme

  • Access to Lifetime Learner of HVAC blog where we will discuss all things related to the industry

  • Member only access to ongoing video and power point presentations in HVAC by Gary DuCharme during class duration

  • Listing of popular web pages and apps to aid in further education and service

  • Recommended reading materials and books to further prepare the student for a career in HVAC

  • HVAC A2L tool and product recommendations

Danger Flammable Vapors sign from a water heater

How this all works:

  • Course cost is $350.00, paid through Square on this site

  • You will be notified by email and given a code and web address to sign in to your course.

  • You will be able to access your course 24/7 on any of your devices for a set time limit of 120 days or 4 months.

  • You will self-study the material along with videos and information presented by Gary DuCharme.

  • Common questions and answers can be found in the blog Lifetime HVAC Learner on our web site.

  • A2L Refrigerant Safety course practice questions will be available on the Esco web site.

  • When you are ready you will contact Gary DuCharme and receive another code to take the A2L Certification Exam to be scheduled with a group of about 15 students.

  • If you are successful, you will be given your Certificate of completion immediately

  • If you are not successful, you will have an opportunity to take a re-test at a later date determined by Gary DuCharme for a cost of $50.00.

Join DuCharme HVAC Training and become a lifelong learner in the HVAC field!

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