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About DuCharme HVAC Training

HVAC Trainer Gary DuCharme brings over 40 years of HVAC-R technical skills, product knowledge and teaching. During those years he worked as a supermarket mechanic with the Grand Union Company. He moved to a job as an HVAC mechanic technician with Simmons Precision Aerospace. In his off hours, he was owner of The Air Doctor for fourteen years, working part-time doing HVAC-R installation and repairs. After Simmons Gary worked in HVAC-R sales at Blodgett Supply, retiring in 2018 as their HVAC-R Regional Sales Manager. While working at Blodgett he started DuCharme HVAC-R Trade School. He started a working partnership with ESCO Institute and HVAC-R Excellence, where he used their HVAC-R training materials and his own materials to design and teach HVAC-R classes. After retirement he started teaching HVAC-R classes for the Local 693 Plumbers, Pipefitters, and HVAC Union with in person and Zoom classes. During this time, he also taught classes at various local business, Efficiency Vermont and the Newport, Vermont school system. He enjoyed teaching a number of EPA 608 Certification classes for ReSource of Williston, Vermont teaching disadvantaged individuals to get interested in the HVAC trade.


DuCharme HVAC Training is now offering eLearning courses along with the Esco Institute and HVAC Excellence. Please see our current course offerings of EPA 608 Certification and A2L Refrigerant Safety Training.

Website packages include Gary DuCharme’s personal training videos and recommended HVAC training videos from some of the best sources in the industry. Also included with each training package are recommended HVAC service-related apps and sources for the very latest tools and techniques. Gary DuCharme also includes access to his blog HVAC Lifelong Learner where he will share experiences in the HVAC field and much more.


The world of HVAC is constantly changing and a career in HVAC today can be an exciting challenge for those willing to put the time and work into becoming the best they can be. New technologies such as Inverter driven Heat Pumps and software monitoring of equipment make this a thrilling time to be in the trade. HVAC technicians will be in the forefront as we combat global warming and move away from fossil fuels. However, we need to do this carefully and maintain the comfort levels that are needed. Properly trained HVAC technicians will be key for a future of sustainability.

Join DuCharme HVAC Training and become a lifelong learner in the HVAC field!

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